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Program Description

Lil Iguana

Saturday, 7:30am

3 to 7

Lil Iguana is a character that lives in a rainforest with his family. During a storm, he is separated from his family and discovers Storyland, the setting in which he teaches children lessons of safety.

Adventures in Odyssey

Saturday, 8:30am

4 to 10

Meet John Avery Whitaker, Connie, and all the gang as you fly on the wings of imagination to Whit's end. Adventures in Odyessy brings you fast paced family adventure with a message for children of all ages.

Mary Lou's Flip Flop Shop

Saturday, 8:00am

4 to 6

Featuring Olympic champion Mary Lou Retton, this series is packed with high energy fun that focuses on Physical fitness, health, nutrition, hygiene, confidence building and positive thinking.

Wild About Animals

Sunday, 10:30am

13 to 16

The objective of this program is to inform and educate children by bringing them the most entertaining and interesting stories about the worlds most fascinating animals. Each episode consists of at least four stories designed to teach children about exotic and unique animals from the wild, as well as to educate them further about animals they see everyday.

Animal Rescue

Sunday, 2:30pm

12 to 16

This program serves the educational and informational needs of children 16 years old and under within its program content, including safety tips and real life in the field experiences of professional and ordinary people taking care of, treating, and helping various animals. The stories are wonderful illustrations of the best of human instincts.

Animal Atlas

Sunday, 10:00am

7 to 13

Animal Atlas teaches about the care and responsibility of pets. The Show's host shows many different kinds of animals and how they are cared for.

Animal Atlas Classics

Sunday, 11:00am

12 to 16

Some of the best shows of the original Animal Atlas as described above

Awesome Adventures

Sunday, 3:00pm

10 to 16

Kids get to follow our adult and teenage hosts as they travel the world and experience awesome and educational adventures. Kids learn about hiking, biking, water sports, and many other things, and the world that is affected by these things.


Saturday, 3:00pm

8 to 16

This is a very important program for children. It tells stories of children who have been abducted, how they were taken, and what kids should do to prevent from being abducted themselves.

Aqua Kids

Saturday, 6:30am

8 to 12

An award winning childrens program dedicated to educating young people about the importance of protecting marine environments and the animals that live there.

Zeek's Animal World

Saturday, 7:00am

4 to 10

Travel with Zeek the robot as he powers to Earth and discovers our animals. Each episode is themed and is filled with interesting facts and "Did you know?" trivia such as: Where do the animals live? What did they eat? And how do they sleep?





Children's Program Manager



Richard Wilson



For more information, contact the Children's Program Manager at 608-784-0876 during regular business hours. A copy of our quarterly children's report is on file with the FCC and at our station at 505 King Street, Suite 221, La Crosse, WI. It is accessible to the public Monday through Friday during regular business hours.